May 26 2012

iPad painting on a real Mercedes slk

Benjamin Rabe

Matthew Watkins covered a Mercedes slk with his artwork, using his iPad. Great look at the process. Here is an interview with Matthew on Apple blog Cult of Mac.

Dec 9 2011

ArtRage comes to the iPhone

Matthew Watkins

Mobile artist around the world can celebrate that the first full featured painting emulator for the iPad, ArtRage,has come to the iPhone.
It’s special introductory price is only $ 0.99. Click here for details and download.

Watch this space for reviews and artwork.

Nov 28 2011

Katana Jack. A video game fingerpainted on the iPad.

Matthew Watkins

Spanish artist Xoan Baltar, illustrator and fingerpainter par excellence, was one of the first to kick off the iPhone art revolution in 2008. Now he has pushed the curve again by releasing a game entirely fingerprinted on the iPad.

You can download it to your iPhone or iPad here

Way to go Xoan!

Dec 22 2010

Luis Peso is the winner of the SketchBook Hero Contest

Benjamin Rabe

Luis’ painting will become the new splash screen of SketchBook Mobile:

Sketchbook hero proyect

This might also mean, a significant update to SketchBook Mobile (iTunes) might be pending.

More impressive art by Luis is to be found in his flickr stream.

Aug 16 2010

A complete Illustration job for a website, done on the iPad

Benjamin Rabe

Design by Moonlight

Joey Livingston is an avid fingerpainter who has been around quite a while, but to my own worries had turned a bit silent over the last weeks. Turns out he was busy with one of the most complete and impressing illustration projects done on the iPad that I’ve seen so far.

(I met Joey in a small café at the back of our minds for a little interview.)

Joey, you just relaunched your own website, Commotion Creative, completely illustrated on the iPad. What was your job in it?

I was the illustrator with the iPad. ūüôā Actually, it was my task to oversee the whole project. I did all the illustration work, designed the look and feel of the site, and did much of the writing.
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Jul 27 2010

Old Master-New Medium, an iPhone Classic (Video)

Benjamin Rabe

Another great video by John Bavaro showing him painting a portrait on the iPhone, using Brushes.

Jun 11 2010

The iPhone fayum portraits

Benjamin Rabe

The Fayum Portraits, reinterpreted on the Apple iPhone with the Brushes app, by John Bavaro. Fantastic technique.

Jun 3 2010

Short movie done on the ipad


John Halliday: “The media is trying to saying that the iPad is meant to deliver content not to create content. I disagree here is a movie made with iPad apps. Made on iPad with Voxel, Brushes and SilentFilm apps.”

Apr 30 2010

Sounds Like “iArt”


"Fisholin" by Deborah McMillion (done using ZeusMobile)

Fingerpainter Deborah McMillion (known as Hotel Midnight on the flickr stream) has taken on a rather intriguing challenge:  turning what she hears into something for all to see!

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Apr 20 2010

iPad Painting of the Day: Burry & Cannot: On Strings


“Burry & Cannot:¬† On Strings” by Benjamin Rabe.¬† So often, Benjamin looks beyond his own stream of work to find great new¬†fingerpaintings to post to the blog.¬†¬† I just could not allow for this¬†little masterpiece¬†to slip under the radar.¬† So, yes, I am posting this extraordinary piece by B. Rabe himself as Painting of the Day!¬†

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