Jan 15 2010

A Fingerpainting for Haiti

Matthew Watkins

Dear Friends and Fingerpainters,
In the hope of raising donations for Haiti I am making available the poster for my 26 drawing fingerpainted series T is for trouble.  All that I ask is that in return for making this printable hi-res image a free download you specifically make a donation (even if you have already) of any amount to one of the following charities Haiti operation.
After you have made the donation you can

Dec 14 2009

T is for Trouble: an interview with fingerpainter Matthew Watkins

Benjamin Rabe

T is for the trouble

(We met Mr. Watkins in shabby café south of the Tiber, 11h am. He arrived very well-dressed though slightly tired out, sipping his macchiato, a nervous tick on the left eye.)

fingerpainted.it: Mr. Watkins they say, suspiciously black cars with tinted screens have been seen in front of your place lately. Any ideas why?
Matthew Watkins: Ha ha… If you are refering to my latest series “T is for trouble” I can tell you that I have the right to remain silent, though I find that increasingly difficult because I am having so much fun!

Tell us a bit more about it: it’s called ‘T is for Trouble, an ABC of crime’, so it certainly is for little kids? What’s the idea behind it?
It’s true that I started writing for children, older children, but by the time i got to C it was all over… I was making a book for adults.

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Nov 24 2009

Orpaned Stories – 140 characters and 1 fingerpainting


“one hundred and forty characters of story, with no past and very little future. Fingerpainted on my iPhone”

…says Matthew Watkins, and if you are already a fan of his little stories, make sure you follow his OrphanedStories on twitter.

The traveling salesman

It had already been a very long day but no wild dogs were going to stop Herb from getting to Groveners Farm. An Orphaned Story.

Nov 16 2009

iPhone ping pong paintings – the movie


Remember that chat between Matthew Watkins and me?

Well, here’s the movie:

iPhone mash – a ping pong painting from Benjamin Rabe on Vimeo.

Oct 20 2009

A first glimpse: Creating a storyboard on the iPhone


(In this post, Thierry Schiel shares his first experiences in creating a storyboard completely on the iPhone. Thierry is a traditional animator on some 10 feature films and has also created and directed two full length CGI feature films “Tristan and Isolde” and “Renart the Fox”. He is also one of the most skillful fingerpainters you’ll find.)

Making a storyboard for a short film means doing between 150 to 200 drawings to tell a story. For my current CGI film I decided to try changing my PC/Wacom habits and to use the combined strength of Sketchbook Mobile and Hitchcock apps on my iPod Touch.

But would it work like it should?

The drawing part

It was very easy to do a drawing test as I had already used for some time Sketchbook Mobile  and really appreciated its qualities. At first I was really impressed by how close a result I get to what I usually do on my desktop. With SBM  I get the unique combination of  layers, high resolution and  beautiful lines for my drawings.


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Sep 29 2009

Tribute to Bernie Fuchs

By Susan Murtaugh, in Brushes and Sketchbook Mobile

By Susan Murtaugh, in Brushes and Sketchbook Mobile

Bernie Fuchs died.

Sep 19 2009

Matthew Watkins is ‘numero uno’ in Europe to exhibit his iPhone paintings


[This site is on display during the exhibition, so if you want to leave a message to the visitors, please do so in the comments!]

Bari, Italy | 19.09.09: Matthew Watkins, canadian artist living in Italy and editor of this site opens the gates to his first art-show, L’arte ai tempi dell’iPhone today at C&C, the Apple-Retailer in Bari, Italy.

Storefront, Picture by the artist

Storefront, Picture by the artist

Matthew has not only put up a large collection of his fingerpaintings, visitors will also be able to see the world’s first handmade Tibetan carpets designed on an iPhone.

Carpet designed on the iPhone, by Matthew Watkins

Carpet designed on the iPhone, by Matthew Watkins

Like many, Matthew has discovered fingerpainting (i.e. painting on the iPhone) early 2009, and it has unleashed his creative forces in such an impressive way that by now he has painted over 300 little masterpieces. Every piece seems to tell his own little story, and often he adds some additional lines or even dialogues to enrich those ‘orphaned stories‘ as he calls them.

The art-show got quite some media buzz in Italy, with Matthew being on the Newspaper and even TV.

Matthew Watkins on Italian TV

Matthew Watkins on Italian TV

So, you can’t come? Then go have a at look our gallery. 🙂 Thx, Matthew and everybody enjoy the show!

Aug 17 2009

Under the highway

Matthew Watkins

Under the highway, originally uploaded by Matthew Watkins.

“I was enjoying the sunrise and thinking what a cool place this was was and wishing that i didn’t have a suitcase full of dough. That was when i heard tires squealing and the roar of a big sedan”.

An orphaned story by Matthew Watkins.

Aug 12 2009

dorkboy paints webcomics on his iPod

Mis-taken identity, by damian willcox

Mis-taken identity, by damian willcox

Damian Willcox starts to do the right thing. (via @jlivingston)

Aug 9 2009

Brushes vs. Layers vs. Inspire – reviewed through painting :)


I don’t believe much in which-tool-is-better-shootouts, but this hands-on review by ideo2004.彥 is a fantastic way to compare the apps not by their features, but by the style and quality they yield.
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