Jul 28 2009

Talent on Blue- iPhone Art by David Scott Leibowitz

Matthew Watkins

photos taken with iPhone, altered with iPhone photo and graphic apps
┬ęDavid Scott Leibowitz

Jul 16 2009

Fingeranimated movie made on the iPhone

Benjamin Rabe

This animation was handdrawn by Ali Dixon on the iPhone. I like the monkey at 1:06 (via @SteveJohn)

Jun 20 2009

Myrtle by Benjamin Rabe

Benjamin Rabe
Myrtle by Benjamin Rabe

Myrtle by Benjamin Rabe

And this vid shows that I usually have no idea where I’m heading to when I start to fingerpaint:

Jun 14 2009

Painting of the day: Rubbish in the park by Rowan Tedge

Benjamin Rabe

Rubbish in the park, originally uploaded by Rowan Tedge.

I am always amazed by the different styles people produce through fingerpainting. More goodness to find.

Jun 5 2009

The Revillug

Benjamin Rabe

The Revillug, originally uploaded by Benjamin Rabe.

Sometimes using filters (this one being the oilpainting-filter from PhotoForge) yields interesting structures. Why this one turned into a guliverish face, don’t ask me.
Tools: Brushes, Phtoforge
Time: 1hr