Dec 18 2017

Live with the new TagTool

Matthew Watkins

Alberobello 2017 from Fabric Lenny on Vimeo.

Fabric Lenny and myself for our first time perfuming together with the new TagTool and we were not disappointed. The Alberobello Light Festival was a perfect backdrop for our images. The new Tagtool is an entirely redesigned app. It retains much of the feel of the old version but adds a slew of new features from changing background colour to importing images and being able to create and save libraries of loops, just to mention a few.

Looking forward to our next gig.

Mar 24 2012

Stef Kardos’ collaborations with his son

Benjamin Rabe

Brillant pieces, from both of them. Not sure if fingerpainted, but since Stef is the unmentioned hero behind all things mobile art, it definitely belongs here.

Feb 23 2012

Sketchshare let’s you paint with others, wherever they are

Benjamin Rabe

Sketchshare has kept me (and many others) occupied during the last two nights, and it might be the collaborative painting app, many fingerpainters have been waiting for. So far it’s a fairly basic app (no layers, no undos) that let’s you connect with up to 3 other artists via game-center. It has a nice stroke quality already, and you can zoom and spin the canvas freely. And honestly there’s not much more you need, because the magic unfolds once you start a shared session. It’s hard to describe, but it again shows you the power of painting with data, instead of ‘stuff’. It feels like your invisible buddy is sitting next to you, only you don’t interfere or get in each other’s way during the process of painting.

Here’s two pieces from my last night’s session with Aardman’s Stefan Marjoram.

Sketchshare session w Stefan Marjoram

Jul 5 2011

MobileArtCon 2011: Registration Now Open!


The long-awaited moment has arrived. iAMDA’s MobileArtCon 2011 is back and “On The Move” in NYC!  The Con kicks with an ArtCrawl through the city on September 30th to be followed by a 2-day artist retreat and public art showing on October 1-2, 2011 at NYU’s ITP Department. Continue reading

May 25 2011

Call for artists: It’s breakfast time

Benjamin Rabe

From our good friend Fabric Lenny:

An open call for digital breakfast related artwork: Please send your images to by 20.6.2001. This is a cafe based exhibition which will run alongside a series of artist residencies in Armley, Leeds, as part of the ilovewestleeds festival. Approximately 30 works will be selected, framed and displayed. The images will also be displayed in an online gallery during the festival. Good Luck! We look forward to receiving your entries. Flyer image courtesy of Jason Wilshire-Mills.

Feb 16 2011

iAMDA UK Turns Guilford into the epicenter of mobile art

Matthew Watkins

Guilford, Surrey was the epicenter of experimental art last weekend when Guildford College and other local venues hosted a groundbreaking roadshow bringing mobile digital artists from around the world to work together.
The three day event (February 11-13), sponsored by Adobe Sytsems and organised by college lecturer Paul Kercal in collaboration with the International Association of Mobile Digital Artists (IAMDA), began at Guildford College on Friday with a “next generation” life drawing class for art, graphics, photography and IT students in which tradition met technology. Drawing on iPad using fingers or Pogo styluses, students used art apps to create pictures of models from the respected Brighton Life Drawing Sessions team.

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Oct 31 2010

MobileArtCon 2010: a need for the Social Canvas

Benjamin Rabe

MobileArtCon-fingerpainting @ Met NYc - 36

It’s been a week from now and the MobileArtcon 2010 has been generally described as a success.

And while it perfectly showed the wide range of quality and expression possible through mobile devices and apps, for me it also showed where the limitation lies when it comes to the social element in mobile art: the canvas.

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Mar 4 2010

“iPhone/iTouch Painting a Week” Group Completes its First Year!

Week 19: Velazquez Tribute by Sandy Schmidt (Blue Sky Day)

And so it is that the inaugural year of “iphone/ipod painting a week” has come to a close.  The iPhone art group was founded only 52 weeks ago by a very talented fingerpainter we’ve all come to know and love named Sandy Schmidt (also known among the community of fingerpainters as Blue Sky Day) who, with a little nudging from her daughter, decided to create a group that would challenge iphone artists of all backgrounds, skill levels and interests to produce at least one painting a week on an assigned subject.  The group, originally dubbed “ Brushes 52”, proved to be a huge success in its first year, and within weeks became the go-to place for artists seeking a challenge, new direction, inspiration or just plain out fun ideas for fingerpaintings.

Over the past year, the group membership has grown to 191 dedicated artists who have, week after week, created masterful fingerpaintings inspired by creative themes and Masters of the past like Rembrandt and Basquiat!

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Mar 1 2010

Artists are geeks, too

Benjamin Rabe

Last week I was at the (un-)conference and did my first pecha kucha on fingerpainting. Here are the slides:

Jan 7 2010

Forum added: share your ideas

Benjamin Rabe

That tooth fairy.

It’s time to start climbing the learning-curve: so far I tried to cover stories and trends in fingerpainting I am focussed on, or I stumble upon. But I’m sure all the readers of have own ideas on what they want to read about, maybe write about or what feature they want.

Let’s share some ideas.

What do you miss? What do you want to read about? What pets should be fingerpainted more often? What is to discuss?

<--See that red tab on the left? It's the one saying 'feedback'.

I’m test-running a uservoice-forum here. If you have the time, give it a try, share some ideas, rate others, let’s see what bubbles up. Thank you 🙂