Apr 30 2010

iPad Painting of the Day: “Deep Forest”

Mia Robinson

"Deep Forest" by Helene Goldberg

Today’s Painting of the Day is “Deep Forest” by Helene Goldberg.  A beautiful and vibrant piece!  Continue reading

Apr 20 2010

iPad Painting of the Day: Burry & Cannot: On Strings

Mia Robinson

“Burry & Cannot:  On Strings” by Benjamin Rabe.  So often, Benjamin looks beyond his own stream of work to find great new fingerpaintings to post to the FP.it blog.   I just could not allow for this little masterpiece to slip under the radar.  So, yes, I am posting this extraordinary piece by B. Rabe himself as Painting of the Day! 

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Apr 18 2010

Interview with Chris Cheung of Autodesk

Benjamin Rabe

The iPad is fingerpainter’s new toy, and SketchBookPro for the iPad one of the most promising painting apps out there.
Chris Cheung, Product Manager of SketchBook at Autodesk was so kind to answer us some questions about the birth of the idea, future plans and hand-made iPad replicas.

fp.it: Hi Chris! So, the iPad is finally here, did you find any time to paint yet?

Chris Cheung: “Our team is based in Toronto, Canada, so we weren’t able to directly buy iPads when it launched in the U.S. on April 3. My wife knew how much I wanted one at the time so she actually surprised me on that Saturday, April 3, with a hand-made replica. Luckily, we did get a few iPads shipped to our office a couple of days after, but with all the activity, I’ve only had little time to try it out. It was wonderful to hold it for the first time and to fire up the App. There is something about the size that does give a new experience, different than using an iPhone or a desktop with a tablet device. So far, I’ve barely even gotten off the first page of brushes, creating raw sketches with the #3 pencil. I’m definitely going to get my own. According to Apple, I’ll have to wait until Mid-May to get it here in Canada.”

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Apr 5 2010

Brushes on the iPad: first impressions

Joey Livingston

(This is a guest post by fellow fingerpainter Joey Livingston of Tilted Symmetry)

Foggy Night
Foggy Night by Mike Miller

Brushes for iPad (App-Store) is as much of a delight to use as the iPhone version ever was, without the restriction of the small screen. For a long time, we finger painters convinced ourselves that the iPhone was the answer to mobile digital painting, because it was the only solution that worked elegantly and simply, and didn’t cost thousands. But now we have the iPad, with a far bigger screen, and the same elegance and simplicity, and (oddly enough) for almost the same price, and the difference for finger painters is night and day. Only time will tell, and I can’t speak for everyone, but I don’t know if this artist will ever paint on his iPhone again. I feel like I’ve been painting through a periscope for the past couple years.

New features

The Brushes gallery is far more interesting than I expected. Being able to browse through your artwork as if it was all framed and hanging on a gallery wall is pretty relaxing, and then being able to watch a replay of every stroke of your painting right there on the iPad, on that gallery wall, is magical for both me and my friends.
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Apr 5 2010

The renaissance of the painting glove

Benjamin Rabe

Animators used to rely on them, airbrushers still use them and now iPad painters will consider using them to allow palm contact: the painting glove. Here’s mine:

And a video of some iPad-painting-glove-live-action:

Apr 4 2010

Autodesk SketchBookPro for the iPad seems impressive

Benjamin Rabe

It’s day one after ipad-delivery-guy-day, so let’s have a quick look on one of the most anticipated painting apps for the iPad: SketchBookPro by Autodesk. Here are some first Impressions shared by Susan Murtaugh and Mia Robinson.

Painting by Francesco Salvati

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Mar 31 2010

Brushes on the iPad: New Features

Mia Robinson

Steve Sprang, creator of Brushes, shares a preliminary list of Brushes enhancements for the iPad with fp.it

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Mar 29 2010

Brushes for iPad, 9.99$?

Benjamin Rabe

This video shows the iPad App Store and labels Brushes for iPad with 9.99$. Not sure if that’s the final price though.(via @kevinbee)

Browsing the iPad App Store: A Video [By @viticci] from Federico Viticci on Vimeo.

Mar 22 2010

First Screenshot of ArtStudio on the iPad

Benjamin Rabe

Well, no big surprises here, but it’s good to know developing is in progress.

ArtStudio on the iPad

(via @lucky_clan)

Jan 29 2010

iPad Reveal Roundup, A Fingerpainting Perspective

Mia Robinson

Now that the excitement from yesterday’s iPad reveal has died down a bit (and only a bit)…

My first ipad painting

### Let’s talk shop, shall we?
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