Feb 2 2011

Fingerpainted.it wins a 2011 Golden Retrevo Award!

Matthew Watkins

Fingerpainted.it won a 2011 Golden Retrevo Award in the Mobile Art and Media Category!!!
Thanks to everyone who voted for us!

Jan 23 2011

UK Mobile Artist Meet Up in February

Benjamin Rabe

Paul Kercal, who already organized the UK-connection during the last MobileArtCon, is planning on a 3-day meet up in Guildford, UK.

Feb 11 – 13. IAMDA makes the UK it’s home in a three day event which includes seminars, sessions, sketch crawls, fish and chips, possibly a pint, some live music, a mobile digital artwork exhibition and MUCH (well, certainly more than a little) more!

Here’s the facebook event page to join in!

Jan 17 2011

PhotoSpeak let’s your artwork talk

Benjamin Rabe

It’s not primarily meant for that, but PhotoSpeak let’s you do fun stuff with your portraits:

by Benjamin Rabe

Revolt! by Julian Wigley

Jan 12 2011

Oprah’s onto Fingerpainting

Mia Robinson

Autodesk (creators of Sketchbook Mobile and Sketchbook Pro for iphone and iPad) have teamed up with O Magazine to create Sketchbook O,  a free drawing/painting application for readers who’d like to explore and partake in the joys of fingerpainting.
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Jan 1 2011

The Nomadbrush – an artist brush for the iPad

Benjamin Rabe

You have to watch the trailer to the end to actually see it in action. I’m not so sure about mimicking traditional tools to use on multi-touch interfaces though.

Nomad Brush for the iPad from Don Lee on Vimeo.

Jan 1 2011

Fingerpainting on a 20 foot canvas

Benjamin Rabe

I missed this when it was news, still very interesting (via ipad-mag.de)

“20 Foot Canvas is an interactive painting application for the NEC Wall at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) and an Apple iPad. The NEC Wall, a matrix of LCD displays with an infrared touch overlay, is the largest multi touch of its kind in the world. Using the iPad paint palette, users can mix paint and select brushes and pencils, then apply the paint or pencils to the wall using hands, fingers or traditional brushes.”

20 Foot Canvas from jd pirtle on Vimeo.

Dec 29 2010

David Newman, artist at the courts2.0

Benjamin Rabe

David Newman with his portrait of Sal Navarro, photo by Peter A. Blacksberg

I met David Newman twice this year, first at the Las Vegas AU Mobile Art Gallery show and shortly after that in San Francisco for the Future/Canvas show. Knowing he has painted so many bay area web entrepreneurs at conferences like Google I/O e.g. (which are to me the modern versions of the courts of the new kings), I kinda expected a hipster person, but was surprised to meet a very calm and humble gentleman with a fascinating history.

David, you are a San Francisco based artist, why the fascination with all those web folks? What’s the idea behind it?

I live in San Francisco, which is just up the road from Silicon Valley. I see Silicon Valley as a state of mind, a world community of high-tech innovation and entrepreneurship, and not simply a place. I paint portraits of innovators in high-tech and other fields because they inspire me.

I’ve worked in the field of computer graphics since I joined my first venture-funded computer startup in 1982, Via Video, Inc, later acquired by Dupont as Dupont Design Technologies. I remember the feeling when I made my first paintings on the computer that year; it was amazing to paint with light. I also remember my excitement when I painted my first MacPaint painting in 1984, “Dance Processing (Like Crazy)

Dance Processing: MacPaint, January 1984

Dance Processing: MacPaint, January 1984

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Dec 22 2010

Auryn Ink simulates watercolor on the iPad

Benjamin Rabe

Fun new app (iTunes) that computes a watercolor particle system while you paint.

Auryn Ink’s Key features (from the press release):

  • Watercolor simulation with edge darkening, granulation and back-run effects that all evolve and take form in real-time while you paint.
  • Choice of canvas texture that affects your brush strokes and paint flow.
  • Realistic brush model with control over pressure, bristle patterns, and more.
  • Unique color selector that converts your color choice into a virtual pigment.
  • Pigment simulation that blends color much like real watercolors combine: the wet pigments mix together and separate dry layers form glaze effects.
  • Control over amount of water on the brush, which influences flow effects.
  • Ability to paint with water alone to pre-wet the canvas for wash effects.
  • Concise control over drying the canvas, and completing (fixing) glaze layers.
  • Sensitivity to gravity: paint flows downward when the iPad is tilted.

The payoff for computing watercolor behavior seems to be resolution for now, but nice results nonetheless. The app is free for now.
AurynInk Test Drive

Dec 22 2010

Luis Peso is the winner of the SketchBook Hero Contest

Benjamin Rabe

Luis’ painting will become the new splash screen of SketchBook Mobile:

Sketchbook hero proyect

This might also mean, a significant update to SketchBook Mobile (iTunes) might be pending.

More impressive art by Luis is to be found in his flickr stream.

Dec 14 2010

ArtStudio 3.0 going vector?

Benjamin Rabe

Will ArtStudio 3.0 for the iPad support vector graphics?At least this screenshot posted by the developer suggests so:

[Update] Probably shapes and gradient fills, not neccessarily vectors.