Nov 23 2010

Future/Canvas – upcoming exhibition in San Francisco

Benjamin Rabe

If you wanna meet a bunch of mobile artists and app developers, make sure not to miss Future/Canvas – the emerging medium of iPad art, on Dec 4th 2010. From their site:

“It has been less than a year since the release of the iPad and already it has inspired an exciting new world of digital art. Artists and programmers are using the iPad as a digital canvas and are creating radical new artwork that pushes the bounds of imagination. Come experience this emerging medium first hand with three exhibits showcasing some of the most stunning art from this exciting new medium.”

The show is still open for submissions, if you’re interested in displaying your art, please contact Josh Michaels directly.
Josh was also so kind to offer a promo code to our readers: if you use fingerpaintedit you’ll get half off tickets when registering.
Open gallery from 8:00pm – 2:00am, 25$ per ticket.

Nov 14 2010

The é-stylo, a stylus for artists

Benjamin Rabe

By, fun form factor, but not available yet:

Oct 31 2010

SketchBook Hero Contest

Benjamin Rabe

From the SketchBook blog:

Autodesk is calling for entries for the SketchBook Hero Image Contest.  The winning artwork will be featured on the splash screen of SketchBook Mobile.

Contest ends November 14, 2010. Submit your pieces here.

Oct 31 2010

2010 pogo art contest

Benjamin Rabe

Only one day left, so get your painting in on the 2010 pogo art contest by tonight.

Oct 11 2010

Inspire Pro: live and introductory sale (promo codes!)

Benjamin Rabe

We previewed Inspire Pro for iPad by kiwipixel the other day, now it went live last weekend and seems to be doing fine in the app store. For the time of introduction it’s on sale for 0.99$/0.79€ instead of 7.99$ later.

Thanks to the generous folks of kiwipixel, we are able to give away three free promo codes for this app today to the first three readers to comment on this post. (Only valid for the us-store, sorry, blame apple for that. Make sure you leave your email for us to send the code.)

So hurry up before this lil guy chews them up!

Aug 1 2010

New device: the RingBow adds context actions to you finger

Benjamin Rabe

Very interesting working concept, the RingBow. Reminds me a bit of wacoms touch-strips – only wrapped around your finger.

“Basically, because touch-screens can only sense one type of input – touch – they lack designated keys such as the right-mouse-click, a “home” button, key shortcuts (e.g. Ctrl + C), etc. For that reason we have noticed that working with touch-screens can be much more efficient, fluent and fun if one is able to access such advanced commands without having to even lift one’s hands off the touch surface.”

…says Saar Shai of Ringbow. Here’s a video show the device in action:

Even though it might seem a bit akward at first glimpse, I like the idea of wearable interfaces.
The additional movement of the thumb to change size, transparency, rotation, etc. might actually be more natural than using a fancy stylus.
The RingBow is still in concept stage, more info on their site.

Jul 12 2010

Kyle Lamberts Toy Story painting on the iPad

Benjamin Rabe

Kyle Lambert fingerpaints the Toy Story Poster.

Jul 9 2010

iPhone 4: hands on, fingerpainters

Kevin Barba

Like many others, I found my self in line on June 26th infront of an Apple store. I avoided most of the crowds by waiting to go in after I got off work. This proved to be a good plan resulting in only a 90 minute wait to get to the head of the line. I’ve only used an Original (noG) iPhone since day one. The upgrade to the iPhone4 for me has been a large leap forward. For some of you fellow finger-painters using the 3GS, the speed may not seem to be as noticeable, but the Retina display alone is worth the price of admission.
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Jul 2 2010

Pressure sensitivity on the iPad

Benjamin Rabe

tenOne shows video over on their blog with a a proof of concept on pressure sensitivity on the iPad. Looks great, sad thing is they use so called “private methods” which leads to rejection when used by third-party app developers. Let’s hope apple sees this and adds this functionality to the SDK. {via @kevinbarba}

The role of the stylus is unclear here, I would assume it’s independent and should also work with the finger.

Jun 29 2010

Fingerpainting on gizmodo

Benjamin Rabe

Nice post on David Kassan potraying a live model.
Cool vid.