Jun 27 2010

The Mobile Art Conference 2010 in New York is making headway

Benjamin Rabe

It’s still a road to go, but planning for first Mobile Art Conference in history is progressing. This is what we (Kara, Mia, John, David, Christine, me) are having established so far:


The con will take place at Tisch School of Art, whose mission is

to explore the imaginative use of communications technologies ‚ÄĒ how they might augment, improve, and bring delight and art into people’s lives.

Sounds like the perfect place for the cause.


The main conference will be from 23-24 Oct 2010. As the con will be part barcamp, part scheeduled, there should be enough room to learn, listen, paint and share.

iamda: the association

As a very pragmatic need (renting a venue e.g.) the “Int’l Assn of Mobile Digital Artists”, short iamda has been founded. It’s a non-profit organization and open to all fingerapinters in the world.
Head over to iamda.org, fill out the form and become a member today.
Since this is all pro-bono work so far, please consider how you can contribute to make this a great con:

  • add your name to the participants list
  • add your ideas to the proposed topics page
  • consider donating ūüôā (there’s a paypal button available)

Any questions, suggestions, worries? Please share!

Jun 24 2010

Inspire for the iPhone goes 2.0[Update: on sale]

Benjamin Rabe

[Update] To celebrate the release of 2.0, Inspire is on sale for $0.99 (4.99$ before) now for a limited time. Get it here.

The latest update of natural media painting app Inspire adds

  • Hot corners
  • a clumped brush
  • steppers for all settings
  • zoom in/out by double tapping

For a complete list checkout kiwipixels site.

Jun 23 2010

SketchBook Mobile is iPhone4 ready [Update]

Benjamin Rabe

[Update] Also on sale with 50% off now.

The latest update of SketchBook Mobile is iPhone4 ready. Along with a polished interface it adds

  • iTunes file sharing
  • 12 layers (only iPhone4)
  • 30 undos (again only iPhone4)

Jun 2 2010

“The world at our fingertips” ‚Äď the book

Benjamin Rabe

First the upcoming exhibition.

Now the book.

Fingertips features the work of 23 talented artists from around the world (…) chosen by Wisconsin artist Susan Murtaugh. Each talented artist then chose three pieces of their own work to showcase their digital fingerpainting. Their words and pictures are included in this book.

Susan Murtaugh’s been busy. 48 Pages, Softcover, 27.95$. Get it here.

Show Flyer fingerpainted on iTouch by Susan Murtaugh

May 1 2010

Start to Draw Your Life. A free eBook by Michael Nobbs

Matthew Watkins

Michael Nobbs has released a new eBook “Start to Draw Your Life”. You can¬†download it for free here.

Let me tell you how Michael’s work influenced me personally.¬†

It was about a year before brushes came out and I started spending of my free time fingerpainting, that I had a significant personal event. A sort of epiphany. For several years work had interrupted my regular drawing and painting. I had not been getting out to galleries much. My sources of creative inspiration for the first time in my life were virtually drying up.

My interest in social media led me to Twitter. There I discovered the tweets of Michael Nobbs (@michaelnobbs). Every day¬†¬†this soft spoken tea drinking Welshman tweets from his Aberystwyth hill-top about the best drawing and painting ¬†and most creative people on the web. Everyday I would feast my eyes on¬†brilliant works from talented¬†artists and illustrators from around the world. I was staggered by the enormous talent. ¬†I was hooked. Later I¬†would have the occasional¬†satisfaction of passing some links on to him also.¬† I bought his¬†series of books “the Beany”. Michael¬† has had to concentrate very carefully on managing his time and physical resources and this brings a unique perspective to his drawing. He is an inspiration.

It didnt take me long to understand what had been missing in my own life. I dusted off a stack of unused moleskines and got down to it. I started drawing my life again.  About a year after this happy discovery I downloaded Brushes App. With my iphone I stopped drawing what was around me to concentrate on drawing from my immagination.

For me there has been no looking back.


Download¬†“Start to Draw Your Life”.

Apr 15 2010

Iphonography and the automobile show in Milano, Italy

Benjamin Rabe

Last week, the art-show Iphonography and the automobil opened in Milano, Italy. Curated by Matthew Watkins, it featured the work of 57 Iphonographers and fingerpainters from around the world.

Here are some Impressions of the show, of which all proceeds are for Medici Senza Frontieri.

Apr 14 2010

Brushes 1.1 for iPad gets more features

Benjamin Rabe

New features anounced for Brushes 1.1 for iPad on the Brushes flickr group:

  • Smoothing is now applied to brush strokes
  • Added support for speed-based pressure simulation (opacity and size)
  • Added support for layer transforms (scale, rotation and translation)
  • Added support for flipping layers horizontally and vertically
  • Brushes can now be sized up to 100 pixels
  • 8 new brushes

More info and examples over on the group’s iPad thread.

Apr 12 2010

On iPad creativity

Benjamin Rabe

Is this my first iPad painting

Good read over on the iPadCreative blog.

It’s early days for the iPad creative scene, but already there is a strong sense of an important shift in the relationship between people and computers.

Very interesting post, though I miss the link to iPhone art, which is the base for the adaption of the iPad as a painting device for many artists (not all though) right now.

Apr 9 2010

Toyota Deutschland / Germany embraces iPhone fingerpainting (contest)

Benjamin Rabe

Some weeks ago I was interviewed for the german Toyota’s client magazine, now it’s here and the article turns out to be 5 gorgeous pages, quite nice. It’s a good description of the scene and features some iphone art as well as a little how-to-get-started.

The contest

The Toyota folks seem to like fingerpaintings good enough to run a little contest. Selected paintings will be presented on the Toyota website.

You wanna take part?

Just mail your painting to toyota-magazin ( at ) tpd.de – deadline is April 30th 2010. There’s no specific subject: surprising, modern, traditional – whatever you like. Good thing, nice exposition.

Mar 31 2010

Upcoming show: iphonography and the automobile

Benjamin Rabe

Not exactly fingerpainting, but clearly worth a look: Fingerpainter Matthew Watkins is curating a photography show “iphonography and the automobile” at the daddario.it showroom in Milan, April 8- 29.
Italy’s fist iphonography show it will feature 100 works by 47 international photographers / artists, professionals and amateurs alike.


The iphonography is the art of photography captured and edited via iPhone.  The iPhone is the camera that you always have in your pocket privileges spontaneity and originality. Being always connected allows for instant distribution via email or social media.
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