Mar 31 2010

Layers painting app for the iPad sneak peak

Benjamin Rabe

With the due arrival of the iPad, more and more iPhone painting apps seem to make the transition to the new device. Layers is one of them, the preview site is up and some screen shots show, too.

There will obviously be a new online gallery with comments and in-app playback. Note the ‘Layers Pro’ link on top. Here’s another one:

So far, no release date has been given. (via @layersforiphone)

Mar 29 2010

Brushes for iPad, 9.99$?

Benjamin Rabe

This video shows the iPad App Store and labels Brushes for iPad with 9.99$. Not sure if that’s the final price though.(via @kevinbee)

Browsing the iPad App Store: A Video [By @viticci] from Federico Viticci on Vimeo.

Mar 27 2010

Inspire iPhone art contest: the winner

Benjamin Rabe

The Inspire 1.5 Art Contest is over, and there’s a winner.

The contest was staged on the sujet of “Humanoid vs. Nature” and held by MobilArt eBooks and Kiwipixel.

This fantastic piece by Necojita made first place, you’ll find more info on all winning pieces and the eBook (app-store link) with all artwork on kiwipixels contest-page.

Mar 22 2010

First Screenshot of ArtStudio on the iPad

Benjamin Rabe

Well, no big surprises here, but it’s good to know developing is in progress.

ArtStudio on the iPad

(via @lucky_clan)

Mar 4 2010

“iPhone/iTouch Painting a Week” Group Completes its First Year!

Mia Robinson
Week 19: Velazquez Tribute by Sandy Schmidt (Blue Sky Day)

And so it is that the inaugural year of “iphone/ipod painting a week” has come to a close.  The iPhone art group was founded only 52 weeks ago by a very talented fingerpainter we’ve all come to know and love named Sandy Schmidt (also known among the community of fingerpainters as Blue Sky Day) who, with a little nudging from her daughter, decided to create a group that would challenge iphone artists of all backgrounds, skill levels and interests to produce at least one painting a week on an assigned subject.  The group, originally dubbed “ Brushes 52”, proved to be a huge success in its first year, and within weeks became the go-to place for artists seeking a challenge, new direction, inspiration or just plain out fun ideas for fingerpaintings.

Over the past year, the group membership has grown to 191 dedicated artists who have, week after week, created masterful fingerpaintings inspired by creative themes and Masters of the past like Rembrandt and Basquiat!

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Mar 1 2010

Artists are geeks, too

Benjamin Rabe

Last week I was at the (un-)conference and did my first pecha kucha on fingerpainting. Here are the slides:

Feb 28 2010

New fingerpainting app ArtStudio

Benjamin Rabe

ArtStudio is a new iPhone/iPod Touch painting app by polish developer Sylwester Los of iPhone Clan.

iPhone Clan is another one-man-shop, “I implemented everything myself”, says Sylwester Los, “only with some design-help. After testing all drawing/painting apps i was not happy with either quality, performance or the interface. So i decided to create my own app”.

Here’s a good video-walkthrough:

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Feb 20 2010

Michael Ives Speaks about iPhone Art at AZ Apple Stores

Mia Robinson

Michael Ives at La Encantada Apple Store, Tucson, AZ

Fingerpainter Michael Ives has been invited to speak and showcase his work at 3 Apple locations throughout the Tucson and Phoenix areas this week. He’s also been invited to present his work to a regional MacIntosh users group.

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Feb 19 2010

Deborah McMillion’s iPhone art-show coming up

Benjamin Rabe


Deborah McMillion, aka Hotel Midnight, will be showing her fingerpainted artwork at the Arizona Museum for Youth in April.

“I call my style of work retro-surreal.”

she told us in an interview.

“I made that up. It comforts galleries since I don’t fit classic Surrealism or pop-surrealism.”

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Feb 14 2010

Steve Sprang on Brushes and the iPad

Benjamin Rabe

Good interview by fingerpainter Performita with Steve Sprang.

On the iPad:

“I think it’s a very different experience. The larger display makes it more immersive and you spend much less time switching contexts.”

On future plans:

“I do have another creative app in the works. It’s on hold temporarily while I get Brushes ready for the iPad.”

Read the full interview over at Jabučnjak, a Croatian online Mac magazine. (bi-lingual)