Jan 29 2012

Mourning the loss of the Most Beloved Leader by cloudbuilder

Matthew Watkins

Mourning the loss of the Most Beloved Leader

Mar 10 2011

Main St. Usa, by Matthew Watkins

Benjamin Rabe

Main St. Usa

Fantastic use of ArtRage.

Feb 24 2011

Painting of the day: Big Bird by Cowgirl111

Matthew Watkins

Big Bird

Painted in Sketch Club by Cowgirl111. Sketch club is a procedural drawing app that has caught our attention. They have done a good job not only with the app, but also with the community of artists around it.

Feb 23 2011

Painting of the Day: RozHall @ Guildford by la legra negra

Matthew Watkins

RozHall @ Guildford

LLN preferred painting artists painting models rather than painting the models.

Feb 8 2011

Being Digital

Matthew Watkins

Being Digital: Bunny and Pig

So where is the original anyways?

(Adobe ideas on ipad)

Apr 30 2010

iPad Painting of the Day: “Deep Forest”


"Deep Forest" by Helene Goldberg

Today’s Painting of the Day is “Deep Forest” by Helene Goldberg.  A beautiful and vibrant piece!  Continue reading

Apr 20 2010

iPad Painting of the Day: Burry & Cannot: On Strings


“Burry & Cannot:  On Strings” by Benjamin Rabe.  So often, Benjamin looks beyond his own stream of work to find great new fingerpaintings to post to the FP.it blog.   I just could not allow for this little masterpiece to slip under the radar.  So, yes, I am posting this extraordinary piece by B. Rabe himself as Painting of the Day! 

Continue reading

Oct 4 2009

Sketchbook Mobile Magic: Old Forest by Susan Murtaugh

Old Forest

Old Forest, by Susan Murtaugh

Beautiful use of the brushtips in Sketchbook Mobile by Susan Murtaugh.

Sep 29 2009

Tribute to Bernie Fuchs

By Susan Murtaugh, in Brushes and Sketchbook Mobile

By Susan Murtaugh, in Brushes and Sketchbook Mobile

Bernie Fuchs died.

Aug 10 2009

Painting of the day: iPhone photo 035, by SteveJohn


iPhone photo 035., originally uploaded by SteveJohn.

A Photo, modified with Brushes. Looks like a paper model. More from SteveJohn here.