Jul 1 2009

Painting of the day: iPhone artwork 213 by Steve John

Benjamin Rabe

iPhone artwork 213., originally uploaded by SteveJohn.

Steve Johns paintings are one of a kind with amazing love to oh so many small details.

Jun 29 2009

Painting of the day: One Didn’t Run, by Mikedia

Matthew Watkins

One Didn’t Run, originally uploaded by mikedia.

Finger painting made on my iPod with the Brushes app. Inspired by Benjamin: www.flickr.com/photos/nonuts/3638497265/.

Making of video: www.vimeo.com/5333951

Jun 28 2009

Painting of the day: Smug Shot by Sandy Schmidt

Benjamin Rabe

Smug Shot, originally uploaded by Blue Sky Day.

The legs / paws were done with a solid white using the roughest brush. Great speedpainting of Ed the Cat.