Aug 30 2011

New Pogo Sketch Pro Review

Susan Murtaugh

OK Fingerpainters, for those of you who prefer the comfort of a stylus there is a new one on the market, that I have had the honor of testing for the last 6 months and I must say it is my favorite of the new crop. It’s the Pogo Sketch Pro. Yes, made by the same people that gave you the small foam tipped beauty you could clip to your iPhone. The Pro version sports many new design features, each hitting a home run as far as I’m concerned. Fist, the purified solid aluminum tapered body, more reminiscent of a paintbrush than a pen. It’s about 5.5 inches long, an inch longer than the Wacom Bamboo and inch and a quarter longer than the griffen/targus/boxwave brands. Like the Bamboo it has extraordinary balance. Unlike any others though you can hold it at any angle.

That’s right, 5 degrees to straight up 90 it works. I have many, many styluses (styli?) in my collection and no other performs like this one does. It has a new patent pending tip technology involving patterned structures with in the tip itself. Kind of like little perforated holes so the tip is in constant contact with your preferred slab of joy. It is comfortable with my iPad 2 on an easel or iProp as well as my iPod Touch in hand.

It’s really responsive. The rubber tip being the same size and “squishiness” as the Bamboo (which is also a good choice for those who prefer a pen type stylus). The Pro also has a comfort grip, my hand never tires of using it. And best of all, it’s affordable at $24.95. It comes with 2 tips (I didn’t know that while I was testing.) The new rubber one and the classic foam tip. And even more good news, in October you will be able to purchase just replacement tips if anything happens to your Pogo Pro. I have had a fair share of the rubber tipped wonders just stop working and I love the idea of protecting my initial investment. I don’t know the price on those yet. I’m sure an announcement will come soon.

Now for those of you who are going to ask how it compares to my stylus socks…. I still LOVE those too. I am going to admit that my homemade charcoal holder with a shapedad plug shoved in it is still my favorite, but that’s because working with an easel the almost 10 inch length is best for me.  But I am an odd duck.

I do carry the Pogo Pro everywhere I take my iPad or Touch. It’s especially good at taking notes as well as painting. I am waiting for the kickstarter Flow brush and the Cosmonaut… last I’ve heard they are still in production You will get my opinion as soon as they get to my door. Conclusion… if you like a stylus, You’ll love the Pogo Sketch Pro.

Aug 12 2011

Finger Painting of the day: Spanishrevolution by La Legra Negra

Matthew Watkins


Jul 23 2011

New version of Artrage released for the iPad.

Matthew Watkins

Here is the word from Ambient Design on the new release:

What’s New in Version 1.2.0
Seeing speed problems? Check out the Help Guide in the app for some easy troubleshooting steps!

– Script Recorder: Record your paintings and play them back at higher resolution on a desktop machine. 1.2 adds Script Recording to the application: You can turn on the Script Recorder when creating a new file, and every stroke you paint will be recorded to a script file. Script files can be exported via iTunes or sent directly by email to play back in a desktop version of ArtRage Studio or Studio Pro. More information on scripts and recording can be found in the Help section under Files.

– Export PNG: As well as emailing and saving copies of your paintings to the Photos app you can now export PNG copies direct to iTunes.

– Fixed a problem importing images larger than 1440 x 1440 to layers and references. All forms of image import should now correctly handle images of any available size.

– Updated the Help section on ‘Files’ to cover scripts and improve explanations of how to handle files in ArtRage.

– Added troubleshooting tips to the Help section for users who experience speed problems: Many speed problems can be solved very simply by following a couple of easy steps. See the Speed & Memory section in the help files!

– Adjusted Import Image to Layer to scale to fit the current canvas on import.

Art rage on iTunes

Jul 5 2011

MobileArtCon 2011: Registration Now Open!

Mia Robinson

The long-awaited moment has arrived. iAMDA’s MobileArtCon 2011 is back and “On The Move” in NYC!  The Con kicks with an ArtCrawl through the city on September 30th to be followed by a 2-day artist retreat and public art showing on October 1-2, 2011 at NYU’s ITP Department. Continue reading

Jul 5 2011

Call for Submissions: U Scribble

Mia Robinson

(Note: Submissions deadline on flyer has been extended to mid July)

Johnny Scribble, a rising superstar and cult-favorite among Hipsters and stick figures everywhere, is calling for back-up!  You might remember we introduced this Bond-like mobi-digi daredevil to you a couple months back. Continue reading

May 25 2011

Call for artists: It’s breakfast time

Benjamin Rabe

From our good friend Fabric Lenny:

An open call for digital breakfast related artwork: Please send your images to by 20.6.2001. This is a cafe based exhibition which will run alongside a series of artist residencies in Armley, Leeds, as part of the ilovewestleeds festival. Approximately 30 works will be selected, framed and displayed. The images will also be displayed in an online gallery during the festival. Good Luck! We look forward to receiving your entries. Flyer image courtesy of Jason Wilshire-Mills.

May 17 2011

Mash: Fabric Lenny vs Matthew Watkins

Matthew Watkins

Fabric Lenny Vs Matthew Watkins from Fabric Lenny on Vimeo.

Higher res is here

May 11 2011

The Digital Canvas: Mobile Digital Art in San Francisco

Benjamin Rabe

Curated by truly ours, Susan Murtaugh:

Last Thursday, March 5, 2011, the Autodesk Gallery hosted a private recpetion for the Digital Canvas exhibition. With over 100 guests, including contributing artists, guests and local media, the exhibit was unveiled in a highly intimate and social setting.

Looks like a great reception.

May 2 2011

Upcoming book: “New York: Finger Paintings by Jorge Colombo”

Benjamin Rabe

According to this listing on amazon, Jorge Colombo’s fantastic New York paintings get published as a hardcover book. And with a preface of one of my favorite illustrators, Christoph Niemann. Pre-ordered!

Apr 28 2011

Johnny Scribble – An iPad Animation

Mia Robinson

I recently discovered a really cool and fascinating animated series called Johnny Scribble. Its about a well dressed (ok, well, i like his tie!) stick figure who faces endless threats of of mobile digital mayhem orchestrated by his arch nemesis Bowtie Bibble. The series is drawn and animated on an iPad using Red-Software’s Animation Creator HD app . Continue reading