Mar 10 2011

Main St. Usa, by Matthew Watkins

Benjamin Rabe

Main St. Usa

Fantastic use of ArtRage.

Mar 10 2011

Art from the iPad – art show opens in Austin today

Benjamin Rabe

Visitors of the SXSW should stroll down to the Austin Details gallery where work of 28 great mobile artists will be shown:

Visual artists are creating art with their iPads and iPhones that blurs the line between painstakingly-executed original oils-on-canvas and fine art, digital-style. Our exhibit shows it off on iPads, on our iMacs, on our 58″ HDTV and as fine art prints (made as pigment-based archival inkjet prints on our Epson Pro Stylus 9900 professional printer).

Artists were juried after paying an ‘entry fee’ of 35$. The show runs through march.

Mar 7 2011

Painting of the day: Waiting for high tide by Benjamin Rabe

Matthew Watkins

Waiting for high tide

Done on Inkpad App on iPAd by Benjamin Rabe.

Feb 27 2011

An interview with artist and blogger Michael Nobbs

Matthew Watkins

Michael, you have been an inspiration to me and other bloggers and artists for years. From your hilltop in Wales, even though you have an illness that saps your energy, you draw every day, blog and post links to the best art known to man. You have helped many other people ill or not, make better use of their time and energy or be, as you put it, Sustainably Creative.

Last time we spoke you were still waiting for your ipad and your daily drawing was with pencils and sharpie pens.

FP: So, how do you like the iPad?

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Feb 21 2011

Mobile Art Con 2011 announced!!


Yes, it is official! Mobile Art Con 2011 is a go!  We have confirmed the dates and location for iAMDA’s 2nd Annual International Conference…err..UN-Conference, and now we want to share it with YOU!

Mobile Art Con 2011 (new name pending) will set up shop at NYU ITP for a 2nd year.  The conference dates are confirmed for October 1-2, 2011 with art making activities, events and ‘happenings’ running the full week prior (9/25-9/30).

We anticipate a bigger and even more exciting event than last year!   If you weren’t able to make it to last year’s gathering, this is your opportunity to see what everyone’s been talking about!  And if you made last year’s–well, let’s just say, it was only the beginning! :-)

So STAY TUNED, everyone! Info on events, travel and how to submit workshop proposals will be released over the next few weeks.

Wanna volunteer? Become a MobileArtCon 2011 Sponsor? Or perhaps you have some ideas about activities or things you’d like to see at the next MobileArtCon. Email us and let us know!

*Note:  The above image was fingerpainted by JoseAndres Guijarro Ponce at  Times Square during MobileArtCon 2010.  To view more images and video from last year’s conference, visit or check out iAMDAOrg’s YouTube channel.