May 26 2012

iPad painting on a real Mercedes slk

Benjamin Rabe

Matthew Watkins covered a Mercedes slk with his artwork, using his iPad. Great look at the process. Here is an interview with Matthew on Apple blog Cult of Mac.

Feb 23 2011

Painting of the Day: RozHall @ Guildford by la legra negra

Matthew Watkins

RozHall @ Guildford

LLN preferred painting artists painting models rather than painting the models.

Feb 16 2011

iAMDA UK Turns Guilford into the epicenter of mobile art

Matthew Watkins

Guilford, Surrey was the epicenter of experimental art last weekend when Guildford College and other local venues hosted a groundbreaking roadshow bringing mobile digital artists from around the world to work together.
The three day event (February 11-13), sponsored by Adobe Sytsems and organised by college lecturer Paul Kercal in collaboration with the International Association of Mobile Digital Artists (IAMDA), began at Guildford College on Friday with a “next generation” life drawing class for art, graphics, photography and IT students in which tradition met technology. Drawing on iPad using fingers or Pogo styluses, students used art apps to create pictures of models from the respected Brighton Life Drawing Sessions team.

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Feb 8 2011

Being Digital

Matthew Watkins

Being Digital: Bunny and Pig

So where is the original anyways?

(Adobe ideas on ipad)

Jan 23 2011

UK Mobile Artist Meet Up in February

Benjamin Rabe

Paul Kercal, who already organized the UK-connection during the last MobileArtCon, is planning on a 3-day meet up in Guildford, UK.

Feb 11 – 13. IAMDA makes the UK it’s home in a three day event which includes seminars, sessions, sketch crawls, fish and chips, possibly a pint, some live music, a mobile digital artwork exhibition and MUCH (well, certainly more than a little) more!

Here’s the facebook event page to join in!

Jan 1 2011

The Nomadbrush – an artist brush for the iPad

Benjamin Rabe

You have to watch the trailer to the end to actually see it in action. I’m not so sure about mimicking traditional tools to use on multi-touch interfaces though.

Nomad Brush for the iPad from Don Lee on Vimeo.

Jul 12 2010

Beta Review: Meritum Paint Pro for iPad

Matthew Watkins

The Duchess, originally uploaded by Matthew Watkins.

A little while ago Performita, suggested that i try the app Meritum Paint Pro on my iphone. I took to it immediately. I love the organic nature of it’s painting engine. You can choose from three brushes, or better, styles of painting: Normal, Neon or Sci-Fi. You don’t really control them, so much as guide them through a series of happy accidents.

I have been lucky enough to try the ipad version of the app in Beta, and i can tell you that it’s a whole new ball game. The larger screen combined with the more powerful CPU means more detail and more fun.

My son and i calculated that it could take simultaneous input from 10 fingers at once, just in case you ever need it.

The user interface of Meritum Paint is a little unusual but adds to the mysterious nature of the creations you will make on it. Randomness is buit-in.

Choose a color palette, brush width, the force and tilt that you would like to be exerted, and start painting. It’s kind of magical.

Although i love the app i do not consider myself a Meritum Paint purist. I like to import my Meritum work into Brushes and elaborate it. My favorite brush is “Sci-Fi”, which allows you to noodle Gigerish tubes that intertwine and can apear to be pipes, tentacles or feathers.

I am not finished experimenting with this app and I am looking forward to seeing where Krunoslav Till and the Meritum Soft development team take it.

Thanks Perf!