Feb 21 2011

Another look at Styli

We’re all pretty good when it comes to using our fingers to get around on our digital devices but some of us prefer the comfort of a capacitive stylus for drawing and painting. I am one of those. Like many I started out with the pogo by Ten One Design and I was happy to have it securely clamped to my iPod touch when I traveled. The little sponge tip is pretty reliable though it is the slowest, because of the sponge drag on the screen. Some find they need to apply pressure to the tip as well in order to get it to connect with the screen. I’ve not had that problem. They come in 2 styles the shortest of the bunch, clips to the side of your iPhone or the slightly longer pocket clip version. They both retail for $14.95.

The next most popular versions are the BoxwaveGriffin, and Targus.